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Lettuce and leafy greens

Nothing feels as fresh as growing and eating your own greens! Not only are lettuce and leafy greens great sources of nutrients, they are also fun and rewarding to cultivate. We offer a wide variety of seeds, such as spinach, arugula, batavia lettuce and more. Find the greens you enjoy the best, and start growing today!

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Swiss chard

This colourful Swiss Chard variety is both tasty and beautiful.

3,40 €


Consists of a variety of easy-grown lettuce you can enjoy all summer long.

3,40 €

Batavia lettuce

This lettuce variety is both super crisp and very beautiful.

3,40 €

Iceberg lettuce

Growing fresh iceberg lettuce has never been easier.

3,40 €

Loose leaf lettuce

Easy to grow and will give you crispy salad all summer long.

2,90 €


Arugula, or rocket, is a popular and easy-to-grow herb.

3,40 €


Provides fresh leaves for several months of the year and is easy to grow.

3,40 €

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