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Iceberg lettuce

Iceberg lettuce


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Cultivate fresh iceberg lettuce with our easy-grown Calmar seeds. These will give you crispy and firm lettuce that you can enjoy throughout the summer.

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Our Iceberg lettuce Calmar will give you green, firm and dense lettuce. Sow your iceberg lettuce seeds regularly to enjoy fresh lettuce throughout the summer. The seeds thrive in sandy, well-drained soil that retains moisture. Therefore, it is important that you water the soil regularly.

Latin name
Lactuca sativa
Pre-cultivation and direct sown
February - May
Direct seed
March - July
Harvest time
May - October
Development time

Cultivate iceberg lettuce early in the year; you can sow the seeds outside as soon as the soil can be used. Water the soil before sowing and make sure the temperature does not exceed 20°C since this will have a negative effect on the growth. Lastly, harvest your lettuce as the leaves grow bigger, in order to avoid the soil getting too crowded.

If you want to harvest your iceberg lettuce early, you can pre-cultivate your seeds for 3-4 before replanting outside.

Plant spacing
30,00 cm
Row spacing
45,00 cm
Sowing depth
0,50 cm
Plant placement
Sun/half shade