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Root vegetables

Root vegetables are very versatile and a great source of nutrients at a low price. We offer a selection of carrots, beetroots, radishes, and more. From our range of seeds, you can cultivate anything from a tender, intensely red radish, to a beautiful mix of carrots in various colours. Enjoy the satisfaction of cultivating your own root vegetables. Get started today!

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A mix of carrots in various colours, that can be grown all year round.

3,90 €


Very sweet carrot variety that is high in beta carotene.

3,90 €


Enjoy tender, round, and intensely red radishes all spring and summer.

3,90 €


Popular variety with a mild peppery taste and a delicate juicy texture.

2,90 €


Beautiful globe-shaped candy-striped beetroot with a sweet earthy taste.

3,40 €

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