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Born in Sweden

Born in Sweden

It all started in a kitchen sofa in southern Sweden. Today, we are a leading player in the horticultural industry.

Over 90 years of experience

Over 90 years of experience

Nelson Garden was founded in 1933 with the vision to make cultivation and gardening even more joyful.

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leafs_double_new.svgBeautiful blooms for your garden

With its paper-thin petals, this lovely common poppy flutters lightly in the wind. Its glorious white and pale pink flowers make Mother of Pearl a common poppy variety that really stands out from the crowd. Perfect to brighten up any flower-bed or plantation! The seed pods can be dried and used decoratively as part of a dried flower-bouquet.

The common poppy is a humble summer flower that self-seeds, meaning it produces seeds that can either be collected or fall to the ground, to replant themselves in that very location. This plant enjoys nutrient-rich and moisture-preserving soil and can be sown both during spring and autumn.

Discover our exclusive poppy variety Mother of Pearl

leafs_double_new.svgProtect your crops and create a mini-greenhouse

Pallet collar hoops are metal brackets that attach to the pallet collars, allowing you to cover the bed with a fiber cloth or other protective material.

This creates a mini-greenhouse effect that can help protect your plants from pests, extreme temperatures, and other environmental stressors.

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