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Born in Sweden

Born in Sweden

It all started in a kitchen sofa in southern Sweden. Today, we are a leading player in the horticultural industry.

Over 90 years of experience

Over 90 years of experience

Nelson Garden was founded in 1933 with the vision to make cultivation and gardening even more joyful.

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Quick delivery & free returns

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leafs_double_new.svgFrom seed to salad

Three seed tapes for a delicious mix – a tasty combination of three types of lettuce. Let ‘Buttercrunch’ butterhead lettuce, ‘Great Lakes’ iceberg lettuce and ‘Little Gem’ romaine lettuce take centre stage in your garden. Tear off a strip of seed tape that is the right length and place it in the soil row. Water thoroughly before covering the seed tape with 1 cm of soil. Ensure that no ends are sticking up since otherwise birds can pull up the tape. Ideally, cover with a fibre cloth for faster germination – between 2 to 4 weeks. Keep seeds moist!

leafs_double_new.svgProtect your crops and create a mini-greenhouse

Pallet collar hoops are metal brackets that attach to the pallet collars, allowing you to cover the bed with a fiber cloth or other protective material.

This creates a mini-greenhouse effect that can help protect your plants from pests, extreme temperatures, and other environmental stressors.