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Bird feeders

If you want to attract more birds, investing in a bird feeder is a great first step! We offer several bird feeders that are both practical and decorative, like bird feeders for seeds in cedar wood or in colorful steel. We also have globe-shaped bird feeders for nuts, and round feeders for tallow balls or apples. All bird feeders are easy to open up and fill, and easy to clean. Fill them with bird food of your choice - and then watch as the birds come flying! Have a look at our selection of bird food for inspiration on what to fill the feeders with.

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Bird feeder tallow ball


Decorative bird feeder with that is perfect for 90 g tallow balls.

10,95 € Incl VAT., excl Shipping costs

25 cm

Bird feeder nut


Round and decorative bird feeder that holds large amounts of nuts.

11,99 € Incl VAT., excl Shipping costs

Blue 24 cm
Green 24 cm
Russet 24 cm

Bird feeder seed


Attract birds with this two-seated bird feeder in charming colors!

19,95 € Incl VAT., excl Shipping costs

32 cm

Bird feeder seed


Bird feeder in weather-resistant, untreated cedar wood, with 4 perches.

31,95 € Incl VAT., excl Shipping costs

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