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Bird food

Attract more small birds to your garden by filling the bird feeders with their favourite foods. Offer extra luxurious and tempting bird food such as mealworms, tallow-filled bars and other treats, or our bird seed mixes containing a variety of fatty seeds and millet, a favourite treat for small birds.

Tallow balls with their fatty sunflower seeds provide an energy boost for small birds. There are also premium tallow balls with extra fatty seeds, stuffed coconuts and seeds moulded into shapes that offer a decorative touch to the garden.

Peanuts, available with or without the skin and hemp seeds, are very high in energy and a much-needed calorie supplement for our winged friends during winter and spring.

Sunflower seeds contain fat, which provides the energy that small birds need during winter and spring. And if you find it gets messy around the bird feeder, opt for shelled sunflower seeds, and avoid the mess.

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3.5 kg

Shelled sunflower seeds

The perfect seeds to feed birds with!

21,95 € Incl VAT., excl Shipping costs

300 g


The perfect bird feed - either by itself or to mix with another feeding.

13 € Incl VAT., excl Shipping costs

Cone with tallow and seeds

100% natural product, filled with tallow, oily seeds, and grains.

5,99 € Incl VAT., excl Shipping costs

350 g

Tallow log with sunflower seeds


100% natural and compostable log containing tallow, seeds, and grains.

10,95 € Incl VAT., excl Shipping costs

90 g

Big pack of energy-dense tallow balls stored in a practical container.

10,69 € Incl VAT., excl Shipping costs

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