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Garden fabrics and row covers

Protect your plants from cold weather, strong sun, and keep insects away with proper garden fabrics. By covering your plants you can improve the growing climate, shade a budding plant, or protect your cultivation from diseases and pests. We have a carefully selected range of garden fabrics and row covers that will help you succeed with your cultivation.

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Jute bag

Versatile bag perfect for covering plants, storing vegetables, and more.

6,50 € Incl VAT., excl Shipping costs

3 m x 1.2 m
5.5 m x 1.8 m

Jute fabric

Protect your outdoor plants from harmful weather with this jute fabric.

15,99 € Incl VAT., excl Shipping costs

37 cm
45 cm
60 cm

Weed control disc

Round mat of coconut fibre, which prevents weeds and keeps the soil moist.

2,75 € Incl VAT., excl Shipping costs

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