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Grow lights

Light is important, especially when cultivating indoors. Plants that don’t get enough light will end up long and slender, which can often be the case during the darker months of the year. By providing your plants with additional light, you can cultivate indoors all year long no matter the season.

Choose between the different types of grow lights based on your preferences. The lights with adjustable height are perfect if you’re looking to cultivate all year round. Besides that you can choose between the energy efficient LED lights bars, fluorescent luminaires and round LED lights. Find the light that suits your needs and get started with your indoor cultivation.

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Rack for plant lights

Hang your grow light bars on our stable rack for plant lights.

24,95 €

Hanger with lift mechanism

Easily adjustable height, can hold up to three plant lighting ramps.

34,95 €

Holder with suction cups

A great solution to hang your grow lights on windows or tiled surfaces.

12,95 €

Lamp lead, 4m e27

Lamp lead, 4m e27

Ungrounded Plant light cord that is compatible with grow lights.

8,99 €

Grow light LED Bulb 18W

Perfect for indoor cultivation and pre-cultivation of seeds.

54,95 €

Grow light LED 15W Bulb with shade

Comes with an easy-installed shade especially adapted for the LED bulb.

19,95 €

Grow light LED-bar No.2 23W 85cm

Provides indoor cultivations with enough light.

49,95 €

99,95 €

Grow light LED light bar Small 15W 39cm

Its compact design makes it perfect for small and narrow spaces.

54,95 €

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