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Grow light accessories

Our range of grow light accessories provides several options for growing strong and stable plants, even in winter.

You will find suspension devices, stands, frames and other accessories for the practical and complete suspension of your grow lights here. If you are unable to secure your lighting above the plants on the windowsill, we offer a stand with suction cups for windows. Our frames and stands ensure stable suspension and are a perfect option for anyone who doesn’t want to attach their lighting to the ceiling. We also offer holders with a lift mechanism so you can easily adjust the height as the plants grow.

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41 cm

Grow light stand

Hang your grow light bars on our stable rack for plant lights.

24,95 € Incl VAT., excl Shipping costs

40 cm

Holder with lift mechanism

Easily adjustable height, can hold up to three plant lighting ramps.

34,95 € Incl VAT., excl Shipping costs

40 cm

Holder with suction cups

A great solution to hang your grow lights on windows or tiled surfaces.

12,95 € Incl VAT., excl Shipping costs

4 m

Lamp lead (E27)

Ungrounded Plant light cord that is compatible with grow lights.

8,99 € Incl VAT., excl Shipping costs

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