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Tips and inspiration

Welcome to our inspiration pages where we provide knowledge and ideas to make your own cultivation easier, more fun and full of sharing and meaning. Choose a category from the menu and browse through everything there is to read, or take a closer look at our featured articles.


Make your own chili salt - two recipes!

Cultivating chili usually results in a big harvest. If you have been cultivating chili, you may find yourself wondering: what should I do with all these chilies? Our suggestion - make your own chili salt!

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Grow outdoors

Vermiculite or perlite?

Vermiculite and Perlite are both light, gritty grains, but although they look similar, they have different characteristics. When and how should you use them?

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Experiment: Do grow lights really work?

You’ve probably heard about grow lights before, and probably know that it is a good investment for your plants. But how big of a difference do they really make?

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Growing guides

Growing chilli peppers

Growing chilli peppers isn’t difficult – here’s a step-by-step guide on how to grow them successfully. The key is to start early and to place the plants in a warm and sheltered area.

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Discover Harvy

Hydroponic cultivation is for you who know a lot, little or nothing at all about cultivation. With the Harvy cultivation box, you grow leafy greens, spices and even flowers in water. Without soil and without requirements for prior knowledge.Read more