The basics of hydroponic cultivation - what to grow without soil

18 August 2021

Hydroponic cultivation means growing without soil, and is a perfect solution for the indoor gardener with limited time and limited space. You can grow just about anything without soil. With that being said, there are some varieties that are easier to succeed with. In this post you will learn everything you need to know about hydroponic cultivations, and which plants are most suitable to be grown indoors and in water.

Why you should cultivate leafy greens without soil

Fast-growing leafy vegetables are particularly suitable for hydroponic cultivation. Because of their short life cycle, it is easier to maintain good water quality throughout their entire growth period. Hydroponic cultivation systems, such as the Harvy grow boxes, are excellent for growing vegetables that can be harvested after just a few weeks. 

Lettuce is therefore excellent for growing hydroponically, especially varieties that form loose heads. Loose-leaf lettuce varieties are also a practical choice, as you can harvest them leaf by leaf. Chard, like swiss chard, for example, and various types of cabbage are also fast-growing alternatives that work well for hydroponic cultivation. In addition to being easy to grow, they are also low-growing, which is practical as they do not need any extra support.


Why you should grow herbs without soil 

Herbs grow relatively fast and have a practical size for growing hydroponically. Cultivating herbs in water is an especially good choice, as they tend to dry out quickly if grown in soil. If sown hydroponically, they always have access to water. Examples of herbs to grow are basil, thyme, coriander, parsley, and sage.


Why you should cultivate tomatoes and chili without soil 

Many tomatoes that can be bought in supermarkets are grown without soil. When cultivating indoors, preferably choose a low-growing variety, like shrubbed or ample tomatoes. The same applies to chili plants

Keep in mind that tomato plants have a long growing period before bearing fruit, and the plant needs even access to nutrients until the last harvest. There is special plant food for tomatoes in particular, and also for chili

Can I cultivate flowers without soil?

Most people who grow hydroponically use the method to grow edible plants. However, it is fully possible to grow flowers. Many flowers thrive in hydroponic cultivations, like, for example, cress and geraniums.


Can I grow several plants in one hydroponic system?

You can grow several varieties of plants in the same cultivation system, like the Harvy grow boxes, for example. If doing so, it would be wise to choose plants with approximately the same nutritional needs and similar development time.

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Hydroponics – Grow in water

What is hydroponics? It simply means growing in water. When you grow in water, your plants need a nutrient solution that you dilute in the water container. The perks of hydroponic cultivation are that it is fast and easy, and if you have the right type of lighting, you can grow all year round. Most sprouting seeds can be grown in our hydroponic grow box Harvy, but we also have a couple of seeds that are specially developed for hydroponic cultivation. Our starter kit contains what you need to get started with your cultivation, which means grow box, plug holder, and grow plugs with seed and plant nutrition for hydroponic cultivation.Read more