Find your favourite seeds and let the growing season begin

It's time to get started with pre-cultivation

Why pre-cultivation?

Are you longing for your own kitchen garden or a blossoming balcony? Start pre-cultivating! If you choose to grow plants from seeds, you have many options. Find your favourite seeds among our wide selection.

Start pre-cultivating at the right time and get stronger, healthier plants and a better harvest this summer.

When to start to pre-cultivate?

Timing is one of the most important factors when you pre-cultivate. If you sow too early, there is usually not enough light and the plants become small and rickety. If you sow too late, the plants will not have enough time to flower or produce a harvest.

The right time depends entirely on where in the country you live and what you want to grow. If you live in the south, the frost disappears earlier and you can start sowing earlier.

Each seed bag states when it is best to sow the specific seed. A period of 1–2 months is often specified because there is also a difference between when the frost disappears in the south and in the north. Think about when it usually gets hot where you live and then count backwards in time.

How to pre-cultivate?

A bright place that maintains about 18–22 degrees during germination is generally the best. When you sow the seeds, the cultivation wants a little warmth. With the help of a heating mat, the soil can become slightly warmer and help your seeds to germinate.

As soon as the seeds have started to germinate, they prefer a bright but slightly cooler place. Around 15–18 degrees is the best. For the very earliest seeds, such as chili, you may need to provide extra light in the form of grow lights.

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