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Fertiliser and plant food

Plants don’t live on water and light alone, they need nutrients too. By feeding your plants regularly, they will grow stronger, flower more and bear more fruit. They will also remain stronger and healthier over time, as well as more resistant to pests and diseases.

The secret to vigorous plants is nutrient-rich soil because that’s where plants get all their vital nutrients. Over time, the soil becomes depleted of these essential elements and you need to add nutrients for the plants to grow.

For houseplants, liquid plant food is convenient because you can easily dose the nutrients according to the instructions on the package. Another option is to use fertiliser sticks for green and flowering plants or a more long-lasting solid fertiliser.

We also offer nutrients specifically suited to different types of plants, such as plant food adapted for citrus, tomato or chilli plants or orchids, as well as solid organic fertilisers.

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