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Tomato plant food

Tomato plant food

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Our tomato plant food is created by gardeners to boost the growth of your tomato plants and give you the best possible result - all year round!

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Not only do tomato plants need a lot of water and sunlight, but they are also in need of micronutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Our liquid tomato plant food developed by gardeners will give your plants the possibility to reach their full potential. It is a great way to get healthy tomato plants - with minimum effort.  


"Total nitrogen (N) 7%, of which nitric nitrogen 4% and ammoniacal nitrogen 3%. Phosphorus (P2O5 ), water-soluble 3%. Potassium (K2O), water-soluble 6%. Boron (B) 0.02%, copper (Cu)* 0.002%, iron (Fe)* 0.05%, manganese (Mn)* 0.02% and zinc (Zn)* 0.004%. *chelated with HEEDTA"
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Start providing your plants with plant food 2-3 weeks after replanting in bigger pots. Simply add a small amount of tomato plant food whenever you water your plants and use it during the whole growth period. Since the plant food is developed for both indoor and outdoor use, you can keep your tomatoes fertilized all year round.

5 ml/2 l water, 1–2 times/week

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