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Sowing accessories

Small tools that simplify your cultivation and also help you achieve better results.

Here’s where you’ll find plant labels in various sizes and materials such as bamboo, wood and plastic, or how about a seed dispenser to make it easier to portion out the seeds. You’ll also find a handy capillary mat to make watering easier and a soil thermometer and soil moisture meter to help you know when it’s time to water.

Our wide range of gardening tools and seeding accessories are perfect for people who want to make cultivation easier and more fun. With functional and durable equipment you increase the chances of a positive result of successful propagation and gardening.

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10 cm
13 cm
22 cm

Strong and durable bamboo plant labels.

3,25 € Incl VAT., excl Shipping costs

53 cm

Heating pad

Heat makes seeds grow better and cuttings root faster.

22,95 € Incl VAT., excl Shipping costs

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