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Wrinkled Pea, Tall

Wrinkled Pea, Tall


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Deliciously tasty garden pea with 7-10 peas per pod. A tall variety that requires support, gives an abundant harvest in a small area. Can be harvested for a long time. Suitable for freezing. Slightly sweeter taste than regular shelling peas, but cannot be sown as early in spring. Prefers sandy soils, but is quite undemanding. Water in dry periods. Grow peas in a different place every year - they fertilise the soil.
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Sufficient for
4-6 m
Plant placement
Plant spacing
6 cm
Row spacing
80 cm
Sowing depth
3 cm
Direct seed
April - May
Harvest time
June - October
When the soil is at least 10°C, otherwise the seeds will rot. Soak the seeds for a few hours before sowing. Level the soil and water. Keep seeds moist until they germinate.