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Golden Beetroot

Golden Beetroot

'Burpees Golden'

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Golden beetroot with a sweet and mild taste. Retains its pretty colour when cooked. Suitable for eating as a primeur, baked in the oven or for pickling. The young leaves can be used in the same manner as chard. Don’t sow too early. If the plant is exposed to frost, it may flower and there will be no harvest. Best grown in nutrient-rich, humus-rich soil that retains moisture. Thin out early. Loosen the soil around the plants.
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Sufficient for
3-4 m
Plant placement
Sun/half shade
Plant spacing
5 cm
Row spacing
30-40 cm
Sowing depth
2 cm
Direct seed
April - June
Harvest time
July - October
Sow as soon as the soil is workable. Level soil, water before sowing. Soak the seeds for a few hours before sowing so they germinate quicker. Keep seeds moist until they germinate.