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Winter Carrot

Winter Carrot

'Chantenay Red Cored 3'

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Autumn/winter carrot with knobbly, conical roots, about 15 cm long. Delicious for eating straight away, but can also be stored for the winter. Prefers stone-free, humus-rich and well-drained soil. Water in dry periods. Thin out and weed early.
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Sufficient for
12 m
Plant placement
Plant spacing
4-8 cm
Row spacing
30-40 cm
Sowing depth
1 cm
Direct seed
March - June
Harvest time
August - November
Early, as soon as the soil can be used. Level soil, water before sowing. Keep seeds moist. Sprouting time 2-4 wks. Covering with a fibre cloth after sowing gives faster sprouting and prevents insect infestations. Leave the fibre cloth on until harvesting. Can also be sown in the autumn. This gives an earlier harvest the following year.