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Dwarf French bean/Bush bean

Dwarf French bean/Bush bean


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Very tasty and completely thread-free Dwarf French beans. This variety, Cogito, yields a bountiful harvest. The beans should be served boiled and are well suited for freezing.
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Dwarf French beans of a thread-free variety, Cogito, that are delicious and yield a bountiful harvest. They should be harvested regularly and at the ideal length of roughly 12 cm and thickness of 5-6 mm. Well suited for freezing and should be boiled prior to eating. The beans thrive in soil that is moist, humus, and well-drained and enjoy protection from the elements. It is important to reinforce the plants by earthing up around them, as well as to provide plenty of water.
Sufficient for
4 m
Plant placement
Plant spacing
12 cm
Row spacing
45 cm
Sowing depth
3 cm
April - May
Direct seed
May - June
Harvest time
July - October
Start pre-cultivating two to three weeks before replanting outdoors. Sow one seed per pot and keep the soil moist. Initially store the plants at high temperature (+25 °C). Once the seeds have sprouted, transfer to room temperature.
Ensure that the temperature of the soil is above 15 °C prior to sowing. It is also beneficial to rinse the seeds with water first. Water in the seed furrow and keep the soil moist thereafter. Covering the crops with a fibre-cloth is preferable.

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