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Common Sage

Common Sage

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Organic seeds. Beautiful blue-flowering herb with silver-green, slightly fuzzy, aromatic leaves. The leaves are used fresh or dried in poultry, pork, lamb and cabbage dishes. Also delicious in salads, pasta dishes and dressings. Attracts bees and insects. Harvest gradually. Dry bunches by hanging them upside down before flowering. Best grown in sandy soil, tolerates some dryness and poor soil.
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Sufficient for
15-17 plants
Plant placement
Plant spacing
25 cm
Row spacing
25 cm
Sowing depth
0,5 cm
March - April
Harvest time
July - October
Sow sparsely in damp seed compost. Place at 20°C for germination. Keep moist. Then plant 1 plant/pot of fertilised soil. Place in a bright area. Harden off and plant outdoors after the last frost.