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Cos / Romany Lettuce

Cos / Romany Lettuce


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This variety produces elongated heads with strong, long and crisp leaves. Can be grown well into autumn. Sowing repeatedly provides fresh lettuce throughout summer. Thin out before the plants get crowded and then gradually harvest whole plants.
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Explore the robust charm of our special lettuce variety, renowned for its elongated heads that boast strong, long, and crisp leaves. This hardy variety thrives well into autumn, ensuring a prolonged harvest season. By sowing repeatedly, you can enjoy a constant supply of fresh lettuce throughout the summer. For optimal growth, thin out the seedlings before they get too crowded, and then enjoy the satisfaction of gradually harvesting whole, flourishing plants
Sufficient for
80 plants
Plant placement
Sun/half shade
Plant spacing
20-30 cm
Row spacing
30-40 cm
Sowing depth
0,5 cm
February - May
Direct seed
April - July
Harvest time
May - October
Sowing repeatedly provides lettuce throughout summer. Sow in plug flats in batches, 3-4 wks before planting outside. Place in a cool area and keep moist.
Sow as soon as the soil is workable. Level soil, water before sowing. Keep seeds moist until they germinate.