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'Emperol' F1

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This bright-green courgette variety, Emperol F1, is equally pleasing to the eye as to the taste buds. Can be consumed fresh or cooked.
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Squash, zucchini, or courgette – this beloved vegetable has many names. This bright-green courgette variety, Emperol F1, is very tasty. It can be consumed either fresh as cucumbers, cooked in stews and such, or pickled. The fruit should be harvested once they have reached a length of 15-20 cm. The leaves are big and will easily suffocate any weeds. The ideal growing conditions are sunny, warm and the soil should be humus, well-fertilised and well-drained. Water generously.
Sufficient for
3-4 plants
Plant placement
Plant spacing
100 cm
Row spacing
100 cm
Sowing depth
2 cm
April - May
Direct seed
May - May
Harvest time
July - October
Start pre-cultivating three to four weeks before replanting outdoors. Sow one seed per pot using fertilised soil. Keep warm during germination, approximately 18-24 °C. Re-plant in larger pots after a couple of weeks and keep in a well-lit environment.
Do not sow until the soil is above 15 °C. Water the seed-furrow prior to sowing and keep moist thereafter. It is preferable to cover the crops with a fibre-cloth until they start to blossom.

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