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Common poppy

Common poppy

'Mother of Pearl'

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Mother of Pearl is a glorious common poppy variety, with white and pale pink flowers. It brightens up any flower-bed or plantation! The seed pods can be dried and used for decoration.
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With its paper-thin petals, this lovely common poppy flutters lightly in the wind. Its glorious white and pale pink flowers make Mother of Pearl a common poppy variety that really stands out from the crowd. Perfect to brighten up any flower-bed or plantation! The seed pods can be dried and used decoratively as part of a dried flower-bouquet. The common poppy is a humble summer flower that self-seeds, meaning it produces seeds that can either be collected or fall to the ground, to replant themselves in that very location. This plant enjoys nutrient-rich and moisture-preserving soil and can be sown both during spring and autumn.
Latin name
Papaver rhoeas L.
Plant height
40-61 cm
Life span
1 year
Direct sown
Sufficient for
3-5 m
Plant placement
Plant spacing
20 cm
Row spacing
20 cm
Sowing depth
0,3 cm
Harvest time
June - September
Water the surface prior to sowing. Cover the seed-bed very lightly or not at all. Keep moist until the seeds have sprouted. Thin out to roughly a 20 cm-distance.

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