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Fine mesh netting

Fine mesh netting

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Light and flexible net that protects cabbage and other crops from unwelcome insects. Reduces the need for pesticides.
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The fine mesh net is excellent for many crops in your garden land, especially for cabbage but also for carrots, parsnips, and radishes. The garden net protects against pests such as butterfly larvae, carrot flies, carrot leaf fleas, cabbage flies, onion flies, and stink flies - without using pesticides. This “cabbage net” increases the quality of your cultivation compared to non-woven fabric since this fine mesh net lets more light and air through. The temperature under the cloth will be lower, which is an advantage during summer as many vegetables risk losing taste due to the heat. Thanks to air circulation, the fabric dries up quickly after rain, which makes it more difficult for fungal and bacterial diseases to thrive. Polyethylene (PE)
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