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Oregano / English marjoram

Oregano / English marjoram

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Organic seeds. Oregano is an aromatic herb with blue flowers. Harvest the leaves a few at a time and use them fresh, delicious for seasoning tomatoes and feta cheese. Dry bunches by hanging them upside down before flowering. Undemanding to grow, but prefers chalky, drier soils. Tolerates drought well. Spreads.
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Sufficient for
60-70 plants
Plant placement
Plant spacing
15-20 cm
Row spacing
30 cm
Sowing depth
0,2 cm
March - June
Direct seed
April - June
Harvest time
June - October
Sow sparsely in damp seed compost. Cover very lightly. Keep moist. Transplant 1 plant/pot of fertilised soil. Place in a bright, cool area. Harden off, transplant outside after last frost.
Level soil, water before sowing. Cover very lightly. Keep seeds moist until they germinate.