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Exotic climbing plant with flowers on long stems. Red appears first, then orange, yellow and finally white. Likes to climb on trellises or other support. Very long-lasting as a cut flower. Best grown in well-fertilised soil. Water well. Soak the seeds in water for 1 day before sowing.
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Latin name
Ipomoea lobata
Plant height
300 cm
Life span
1 year
Climbing plants
Sufficient for
8 plants
Plant placement
Plant spacing
40 cm
Row spacing
40 cm
Sowing depth
1 cm
March - April
Harvest time
July - October
Fill the pot with 2/3 fertilised flower compost, then add seed compost to fill. Sow 1-2 seeds per pot in the damp seed compost. Keep at 20-23°C. Keep moist. Place in a bright, cooler area after germination. Water and fertilise. Provide support in the form of a trellis or a cane. Transplant outside after frost.