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Dwarf Cucumber

Dwarf Cucumber

'Profi' F1

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Very good outdoor cucumber for pickling - non-bitter. Only has female flowers, does not need pollinating. Harvest when cucumbers are small. Thrives in loamy soils in sheltered areas. Fertilise and water abundantly.
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Sufficient for
14-16 plants
Plant placement
Plant spacing
15 cm
Row spacing
125 cm
Sowing depth
2 cm
April - June
Direct seed
May - June
Harvest time
June - September
3-4 wks before planting outside. Sow 1 seed/pot. (2/3 fertilised soil, 1/3 seed compost on top). Place in a warm area, 25°C. Keep seeds moist. After germination, place in a well-lit, cooler area. Can be grown in greenhouses/planted out when nights are warm.
Do not sow until ground temperature reaches 15°C. Level soil, water before sowing. Keep seeds moist until they germinate. Cover with fibre cloth.