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Dwarf Cucumber

Dwarf Cucumber

'Profi' F1

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Organic seeds. Cucumber with dark green, knobbly fruits. Good to pickle. Only has female flowers, does not need pollinating. Harvest when cucumbers are small. Thrives in loamy soils in sheltered areas. Fertilise and water abundantly.
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Sufficient for
10 plants
Plant placement
Plant spacing
15 cm
Row spacing
125 cm
Sowing depth
2 cm
April - June
Direct seed
May - June
Harvest time
July - September
1 seed/pot 4-6 wks before planting outside. Keep moist. Germinate in a warm area (25°C), then place in a bright area at room temperature. Grow in a greenhouse or harden off. Harden off and plant out when night temperatures reach 5°C.
Do not sow until soil reaches 15°C. Level soil, water before sowing. Keep seeds moist until they germinate. Cover with fibre cloth until flowering.