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Protective mat in wool

Protective mat in wool

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100% natural product. Versatile wool mat that stops your bedded and potted plants from drying out and protects against weeds. Also used to protect plants in pots from cold whether it comes from above or below. Place the mat above the soil to retain moisture, or under the pot to protect against the cold. The protective mat is 21 cm in diameter and can be cut to your desired size. Comes in 2-packs.
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This 100% natural wool mat is a versatile solution for both bedded and potted plants. It effectively prevents plants from drying out and shields them from weeds. Additionally, it serves as a protective layer against cold temperatures, whether from above or below. You can place the mat on top of the soil to maintain moisture or underneath the pot for cold protection. With a diameter of 21 cm, the mat can be customized to your preferred size. They are available in convenient 2-packs.
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