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Purple Basil

Purple Basil

'Round Midnight'

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Aromatically scented basil with large, decorative, dark purple leaves. Delicious in various dishes and also makes a decorative garnish. Prune plants regularly. Basil loves warmth and thrives in a pot in a sunny, warm area. Can also be sown in batches indoors all year round, with extra lighting during the winter months. Water and fertilise regularly.
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Sufficient for
25-30 plants
Plant placement
Plant spacing
25 cm
Row spacing
25 cm
Sowing depth
0,2 cm
February - May
Harvest time
April - October
Sow sparsely and superficially in damp seed compost. Place at 20-25°C. Transplant 3-4 plants/pot of fertilised soil. Use extra lighting in darker months. The minimum night temperature for planting out should be above 15°C.