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'Stellio' F1

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Vigorous, delicate early melon for greenhouses and hotbeds. Grows on the ground or tied up. Use a small brush to take pollen from the male flower and brush it inside the swollen female flower to fertilise. Leave only a few fruits/plants. Tie up the fruit so that the plant does not snap. Best grown in nutrient-rich soil. Does not tolerate dryness or frost.
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Sufficient for
2-3 plants
Plant placement
Plant spacing
50 cm
Row spacing
50 cm
Sowing depth
1 cm
March - May
Harvest time
July - September
Fill the pot with 2/3 fertilised flower compost, then add seed compost to fill. Sow 1 seeds/pot in the damp seed compost. Keep moist and place in a warm area, 28°C, for germination, then put in a bright area at normal room temp. Water and fertilise.