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Annual Hoary Stock

Annual Hoary Stock

'Ten Week'

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Fragrant and abundant low variety, pretty in bouquets. Erect stalks with flowers in shades of yellow-white, dark purple, pink and red. Best grown in well-fertilised, sandy soil. Water abundantly in dry periods.
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Latin name
Matthiola incana
Plant height
40 cm
Life span
1 year
Pre-cultivation/Direct sown
Sufficient for
4-5 m
Plant placement
Sun/half shade
Plant spacing
25 cm
Row spacing
25 cm
Sowing depth
0,5 cm
March - April
Direct seed
May - June
Harvest time
May - September
Sow 1-2 seeds/pot in fertilised seed compost. Keep at room temperature. Once shoots appear place in a bright, cool area. Feed 2-3 weeks later. Prune the plants slightly when they reach approx. 10 cm tall.
Can be direct sown in warm locations, starting seeds is recommended. Level soil and water before sowing. Keep seeds moist until germination.