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Tigerella tomatoes are intensely red with golden stripes, and a delicious taste. Tigerella is a cordon tomato that is easy to grow and gives you an abundant harvest of medium-sized tomatoes.
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This tomato variety called Tigerella, has a characteristic appearance. The medium-sized tomatoes are intensely red, with golden stripes - a pattern that resembles a tiger. Except from its beauty, Tigerella tomatoes have a delicious fresh taste. As a cordon tomato, also known as indeterminate tomato or vine tomato, it is a vining plant that continues to extend in length throughout the growing season. The tomatoes are best grown in well-drained and nutrient-rich soil that’s watered and fertilised regularly. You can grow them in greenhouses or outdoors in a sheltered area.
Sufficient for
15 plants
Plant placement
Plant spacing
50 cm
Row spacing
70 cm
Sowing depth
0,5 cm
February - March
Harvest time
June - October

Pre-cultivating the seeds should occur at least 8-10 weeks before replanting outside. It is important to keep the seed moist which can be done by covering it with a fibre cloth or using a mini greenhouse. Place your cultivation in a warm area with a temperature around 18-21°C until the seeds start to sprout. Once sprouted, place the cultivation in a cooler area and provide it with additional lighting during the darker months of the year. Start transplanting the plants gradually as they grow big enough to be handled.

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