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Weed control fabric for pallet collars, shaped

Weed control fabric for pallet collars, shaped

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Keep weeds away from your cultivations or plantations with this weed control fabric, customized for pallet collars.
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Do you have problems with weeds growing in your pallet collars? Not with this tailored cloth for pallet collars. Place the cloth inside the pallet collars and fill it with soil. The fabric prevents soil from leaking and keeps weeds from growing. If your pallet collars already have plantations in them; lay the cloth over the planting surface, and then cut holes that fit your plants. The fabric lets air, water, and nutrients through but blocks out light, which allows the soil to breathe and prevents evaporation. Heat and moisture are preserved so that root drying does not take place and weed growth is inhibited. The fabric is flexible and pliable, which makes it very easy to lay. This fabric suits two pallet collars, stacked on top of each other. Made of polypropene.
120 cm
80 cm
38 cm