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Garden cosmos

Garden cosmos


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A summer favourite! This heavenly yet humble Garden cosmos works magic as part of any flower bed or bouquet. Can be pre-cultivated for earlier blooming.
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Apricotta is a heavenly Garden cosmos variety, which comes in vintage-pink hues. It looks perfect as part of any flower bed or bouquet! Fertilise sparingly so as to ensure a high flower to leaf ratio. Trim away wilted flowers as you go. Pre-cultivating is recommended to achieve earlier blooming.
Sufficient for
15-18 plants
Plant height
80-100 cm
Life span
1 year
Latin name
Cosmos bipinnatus
Pre-cultivation/Direct sown
March - April
Direct seed
May - May
Development time
Water the surface prior to sowing. Keep the soil moist until the seeds have sprouted.
Sow sparsely in humid soil. Keep moist and place at room temperature. Once sprouted, transfer to a bright and cool environment. Once the plants are big enough to transfer, place one in each pot of fertilised soil. Replant outdoors after the last frost.
Plant placement
Sun/half shade
Plant spacing
25-30 cm
Row spacing
25 cm
Sowing depth
1 cm
Harvest time
June - October

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