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Linnaeus marigold

Linnaeus marigold

'Burning Embers'

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This Marigold variety, Burning Embers, grows in an airy and elegant manner. Therefore, it adds height to both flowerbeds and bouquets. Its bronze-red coloured flowers make for gorgeous cut-flowers.
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This tall-growing Marigold traces its origins from Linnaeus’ personal garden in Uppsala, Sweden. It grows in an airy and elegant manner which adds height to beds and bouquets. This variety is called Burning Embers, which shows on its bronze-red coloured flowers, that make for gorgeous cut-flowers. Removing the first few buds will result in a bushier plant. This flower enjoys well-drained and nutrient-rich soil.
Sufficient for
40-50 plants
Plant height
60-70 cm
Life span
1 year
Latin name
Tagetes linnaeus
Pre-cultivation/Direct sown
April - May
Direct seed
May - June
Development time
Water the surface prior to sowing. Keep the soil moist until the seeds have sprouted.
Sow sparsely in humid soil and let sprout at a temperature of 18 °C. Once the plants are big enough to transfer, replant one plant per pot of fertilised soil and place it in a bright and cool area. Replant outside after the last frost.
Plant placement
Plant spacing
25 cm
Row spacing
25 cm
Sowing depth
0,5 cm
Harvest time
June - October

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