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Arugula, or rocket, is a peppery herb that can be cultivated outdoors, or indoors all year long. It is easy to grow and can be harvested in only 3-5 weeks.

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This peppery herb is an all time favourite for many. Arugula, also known as rocket, can be enjoyed on pizza, in salads, and in many other dishes. Arugula can be grown both outdoors, or indoors in a pot, which makes it possible to grow all year long. Cultivating arugula indoors will give it a slightly milder flavour.
Sufficient for
5 m

Arugula can be cultivated early - as soon as the soil can be used -, until the end of September. Water the soil before sowing and add a few seeds every other week to always have some fresh arugula close at hand. The seeds need nutrition-rich and well-drained soil that stays moist at all times. To make sure the soil stays moist, cover it with a fibre cloth. After approximately 3-5 weeks, your plant is ready to be harvested.

Plant spacing
5 cm
Row spacing
15-20 cm
Sowing depth
0,5 cm
Plant placement
Sun/half shade