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Swiss chard

Swiss chard

'Rhubarb Chard'

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This colourful Swiss Chard variety, Rhubarb Chard, is both tasty and beautiful. Enjoy the bright, red stems, as well as the green leaves, in several delicious meals.

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Rhubarb Chard is a Swiss chard variety with bright, red stems and green leaves. The stems are eaten in the same way as asparagus, while the leaves can be eaten like spinach. You can therefore choose to only pick the leaves, so new leaves can grow out, or the entire plant approximately 2-3 cm from the soil. This tasty vegetable is often cultivated annually, but is a biennial plant that thrives in humus-rich, nutrient-rich and well-drained soil.
Sufficient for
5-8 m

Plant your seeds when the soil has warmed up. Sowing too early in cold soil can lead to flowering during the first year. Make sure to water before sowing and keep the seeds moist until they germinate.

Plant spacing
12 cm
Row spacing
40 cm
Sowing depth
1 cm
Plant placement