Why you should cultivate vegetables for decorative purposes

06 May 2021

Traditionally, gardens have been separated into two areas. The decorative part with flowers, and the edible part with vegetables. Lately, we have come to reevaluate which plants we think of as beautiful and decorative. As a result, the new trend is to cultivate vegetables and flowers together, or grow vegetables where previously only flowers have been growing.

If you usually grow flowers in your garden, why not spare some room for vegetables next time you are cultivating? Experiment to find your favorite decorative vegetables! 

Cultivate vegetables and flowers together

If cultivating vegetables and flowers, we suddenly get a much bigger selection of plants to choose from! Perhaps you have a favorite flower - a certain kind you find extra beautiful? Find your favorite vegetable as well. Take a look around in the vegetable department next time you shop for your garden or have a look at our selection of vegetables.

Violets are a plant that is considered both decorative and edible. Why not cultivate, for example, chili or zucchini, for that same reason? They are just as beautiful!

Some cities cultivate flowers and vegetables together to normalize the occurrence of vegetables as a decorative element in public plantations. This way, people get accustomed to the idea, and it might act as inspiration for their own cultivations at home.


Base your vegetables on colors or shapes

Kale has become popular to cultivate lately because of its decorative aesthetics. As its peak season is fall, many gardening shops sell kale as one of the plants suitable for autumn plantations. Choose kale of purple, red or black color to make your garden more colorful.

Tomatoes and chili with their red fruits make lovely decorative elements both indoors and outdoors. Peppers are another colorful vegetable to decorate with. If choosing sweet pepper varieties such as Snacking Purple you will get some nice purple fruits. 

Other colorful plants to grow in pots are, for example, strawberries, swiss chard, or why not try our own Baby Leaf Mix which consists of different types of lettuces of different colors - perfect both for decorative and edible reasons!

In this public plantation, kale is growing alongside flowers and other more typically used plants. Picture: Lovisa Back

Cultivating vegetables is good for the environment

Cultivating vegetables is not only a fun and creative way to decorate a garden, but it also benefits the environment. When growing your own vegetables, there is no pesticides used, no transportation, and no packaging needed. 

Which vegetables do you often buy in the grocery store? Try cultivating it by yourself in your garden. In that way you will also save money. 


Is it easy to cultivate vegetables

Vegetables are not necessarily harder to cultivate than flowers are. Depending on what you choose to cultivate, some flowers need just as much maintenance as vegetables do. If you are a beginner, perhaps start by cultivating on a smaller scale, in pots for example.

If you find that your vegetables or flowers stagnate in their growth, or look a bit withered, they might need some added nutrients. To make it easier on yourself, you can add either liquid plant food or plant food spikes. There is plant food for different types of vegetables and flowers. You can also make your own plant food, by, for example, adding compost to your soil. 


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