Cultivate without soil - A guide for Hydroponic Systems

10 December 2020

Tired of carrying big bags of soil from the store to your home? With hydroponic systems, you can easily grow your plants by providing them with enough water, light, heat and nutrition. It’s easy and gives you a great harvest - all year long!

What is hydroponic cultivation and how does it work? 

Hydroponics is the practice of cultivating plants without using any soil. What differs hydroponic systems from cultivating in soil is that you have to provide your plants with the correct amount of nutrition that’s needed in every growth phase. Depending on the type of hydroponic system, this is either done manually or automatically by a pump and attached hoses. Since the roots are in constant contact with nutritious water, they won’t have to search for nutrition the same way they have to when growing in soil. In the meantime, the gap between the water and the plant provides the roots with oxygen at all times. The result? More and bigger plants, even faster! 


Besides soil, another thing that won’t be needed when cultivating with a hydroponic system is green fingers. It is so simple that anyone can do it and it only takes a few minutes to get started. Also, you can quickly detect if something needs to be adjusted by controlling and measuring the nutrition levels periodically. In other words; it is very easy to succeed with your hydroponic cultivation, no matter how much or little experience you have. 

What can I cultivate in a hydroponic system? 

The hydroponic system is the perfect solution if you have little time and a small space for cultivation. If that’s your case, we’d recommend fast-growing, easily cultivated and space-efficient plants such as lettuce, kale and chard. However, if you have the time, space and interest, you can grow everything from spices, to flowers, chilli, tomatoes and other fruit-bearing plants. Here are some other reasons to love hydroponic systems: 

🌱 Grow different plants in the same cultivation 

🌱 Cultivate both inside and outside 

🌱 Less, or no spilt soil in your home

What you’ll need

Here’s what you need to get started with your very own hydroponic cultivation:

🌱 A hydroponic system consisting of a lid, an air pump and plug baskets 

🌱 Plugs with or without seeds (you add these yourself)

🌱 Nutrition

How to get started

  1. Place your hydroponic system where it can get direct sunlight 
  2. Fill the box with the correct amount of water
  3. Add nutrition
  4. Add seeds to your plugs (if they don’t have any) and pop them into the plug baskets
  5. Lean back and relax while you wait for your plants to sprout!


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