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'Herbstriesen 2'

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Organic seeds. Easy-to-grow leek. Earth up the plants for long white necks. Leeks can be left over winter and harvested gradually. Prefers well-fertilised, moisture-retaining soils, preferably chalky. Fertilise and water in the summer.
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Sufficient for
50-60 plants
Plant placement
Plant spacing
10-15 cm
Row spacing
50-60 cm
Sowing depth
1 cm
February - April
Direct seed
March - May
Harvest time
September - December
Sow sparsely in damp seed compost, keep seeds moist. After sprouting, place in a bright, cool area. Give fertiliser sparingly. Can be transplanted to 1 plant/pot of fertilised soil. Harden off and transplant outside after the last frost.
Early, as soon as the soil can be used. Level soil, water before sowing. Keep seeds moist until they germinate.